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What is Agile Systems Management?

Is your Systems Management product not delivering the value that you originally intended?

ExpressAbility introduced the term to describe a philosophy of ongoing, continual improvement to organizational consumption of systems management products. Specifically, the rigidity of systems management interfaces “out of the box” is known to bring distinct process limitations and is an overall barrier to efficient adoption. For example, it is typical to restrict certain kinds of workers from using certain interfaces due to complexity and/or over reaching power that does not match the workers’ business needs. Yet, the more distributed access and specialized interaction with these systems, the more efficiency can be realized—more surface area allows for finer detailed interaction and thereby more efficiency and automation.

ExpressAbility serves clients with both products and services that enhance IT process efficiency by distinctly leveraging systems management architectures in more productive ways.


The impact of ExpressAbility's approach to Systems Management

  • Better process integration
  • Creation of automated processes that bring measurable business efficiency
  • Clearer reporting and tracking, even of complex processes that were previously ‘dark side of the moon’.
  • Increased leverage of data to reduce or eliminate manual intervention
  • Improvement of the quality of IT services by making them more ‘rubber stamp’ like—clear, repeatable methodologies










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